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FGIJonC's News

Posted by FGIJonC - February 27th, 2018

Just relized I havent beenon NG as of late. Shame on me? Well, i've been busy getting my mind undercontrol and trying to be productive and finally its coming together.


For those who um, are interested, I'm still doing art after a wacky hiatus of sorts and trying to get better all the time. Eventually I'll start uploading here once I have finished pieces.


Thats all!


Oh and find me on twitchtv at fgijonc i stream almost nightly for a few hours. Eventually i"ll do creative streams.




Posted by FGIJonC - August 8th, 2017

ill be damned, i made it to 30 years old! how neato is that? Perhaps it hasn't sunk in yet, i dunno, but you know what, really, I don't give a shit. All I care about is entertaining folks via art, film, and streaming games and stuff.  


I'm rambling here but on a more Newgrounds-related note, I will be having more art stuff to post on this wonderful website!



Posted by FGIJonC - July 31st, 2017

Before I start, this isn't animated so that's why I didn't upload directly to NG but I figured i could make a post about it in case anyone would be slightly interested!

My friends who make music wanted to do a song for Kato (a known music producer in hip-hop)'s No Sucka MC contest, this particular one being the 5th year of its existence. One of the criteria however is to film a music video. I immediately volunteered as it was something I've never done before and thought it'd be a nice change of pace of when filming something since I'm usually doing some camera work, direction, acting and whatever else. It was quite nice. We also had loads of fun too!

So anyway, without further adieu I present to you the video to "So Nasty" for the NSMC5 contest!

Oh and its hip-hop so if thats not what you're into, thats fine! And this is not a paid advertisement or anything i just want peopel to see it!




(I forget how to embed youtube videos)


Posted by FGIJonC - October 10th, 2016

I'll be streaming in about a half hour for those interested. I'll be playing Earthbound first then i may move onto Super Mario world one-life runs.



Posted by FGIJonC - October 3rd, 2016

Hey everyone, I'll be streaming for a few hours starting at around 2:30PM EST! I'll be streaming some Super Mario World and maybe a horror game later?


Come say whats up to dat boi.



Posted by FGIJonC - October 2nd, 2016

Yo! I'm streaming some Super Mario World one-life runs! Maybe some horror later?

Here's the link (right @cyberdevil , haha) :



Posted by FGIJonC - September 25th, 2016

Hey everyone! In about an hour or so, I'll be streaming! What will I be streaming? Videos games and maybe some art practice. Haven't 100% decided on that yet.

As far as what games? Well, probably Super Mario World. But with a twist! A self-imposed "hardcore" mode, meaning one life, limited powerups, no Yoshi and no exclamation blocks! The furthest I've made it so far is the first Ghost House in World 3.


Come say hi and watch me play like shit!


Oh and stay tuned for art-related stuff I have planned in the future!




thanks to @cyberdevil for bring this to my attention, i never put the link in here like an idiot! HERE YA GOOO

Posted by FGIJonC - September 22nd, 2016

Oh boy, oh boy. I hope I'm able to set aside a couple hours and watch Madness toons. maybe I'll draw some up madness-inspired art.


Happy Madness day everyone. Can't wait for that Project Nexus 2!

Posted by FGIJonC - September 5th, 2016

I stream games somewhat, but i want to stream some art and other creative stuff as well.


I feel my art isn't super great, so would people be interested in seeing me practice? Also, I think it'd be neat to stsream some writing as well, but i dont see how that would keep people interested as art-related stuff might.



Posted by FGIJonC - July 3rd, 2016

Hey everyone!

I feel a bit shitty posting on it here, but I will be streaming in about 20 minutes or so! CLICK HEEEERE


As of now its only video games, but eventually I will stream art related things as well, hence why I am posting it here.

Come say hello, or not, its up to you.


Today I'll be streaming Dank Souls 2 (again).