holy shit im 30

2017-08-08 10:39:41 by FGIJonC

ill be damned, i made it to 30 years old! how neato is that? Perhaps it hasn't sunk in yet, i dunno, but you know what, really, I don't give a shit. All I care about is entertaining folks via art, film, and streaming games and stuff.  


I'm rambling here but on a more Newgrounds-related note, I will be having more art stuff to post on this wonderful website!




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2017-08-08 10:47:55

gg for u ben 30 yrs old :D

FGIJonC responds:

thanks! I appreciate it!


2017-08-08 11:18:40

I'm PancakePocket

FGIJonC responds:

lol hello pancakepocket