An indiegogo for some talented people

2016-11-17 14:58:06 by FGIJonC


This isn't art related, as in the drawing kind, but these talented folks who live in my city started an indiegogo campain for a series they're developing. The writer is really funny, writing wise and acting wise. You can see her in the indiegogo video. Anyway, check out the link below and maybe consider donating? Or at least sharing it with friends (provided yuo have any, :P)

I am still working on some shit, so for those who care, stay tuned. I'm also gonna start speedrunning super mario world because why the fuck not, im pretty good at the game, might as well transition into that for the time being.



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2016-11-30 08:51:51

I'm really tapped out, but wow, looks like a great production w/ great writing, good combo, I'm sure they'll pull it off!

FGIJonC responds:

I feel it man. I wasn't able to donate anything either so I figured the least i could do was just share it and whatnot.