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This isn't art related, as in the drawing kind, but these talented folks who live in my city started an indiegogo campain for a series they're developing. The writer is really funny, writing wise and acting wise. You can see her in the indiegogo video. Anyway, check out the link below and maybe consider donating? Or at least sharing it with friends (provided yuo have any, :P)


I am still working on some shit, so for those who care, stay tuned. I'm also gonna start speedrunning super mario world because why the fuck not, im pretty good at the game, might as well transition into that for the time being.


A stream for a friend's cat!

2016-11-13 16:42:25 by FGIJonC

Hey everyone! In about 20 minutes or so, I'll be streaming. This is kind of impromptu, but my friend's cat was hit by a car. Long story short, he will survive albeit with 3 legs. The bad part is, surgery is expensive and they need help paying for it. Since I can't donate any money to it myself atm, the least I thought I could do is to see if others want to donate. For those reading this, here's the page if you want to read about it and/or just donate yourself: https://www.gofundme.com/help-kaiju-live-on-his-own-3-feet

Or you can pop in and watch me play some games, donate to me and I'm going to donate all the money I may receive on all our behalfs at once as a cool surprise! They're a litlte over half the way there so I think it can/will be done!


Anyway, here's the link to my stream www.twitch.tv/fgijonc and I'll be live in about 20 minutes!

HEY. Yes, you! Here's a little teaser for something. Sadly, its not an animation (in the future, there will be for sure) so I cant upload it but I can still plug it! 

It's on YouTube and you can click HERE if you're interested in checking it out. I have another something I'll be uploading later this week as well.

So, click that link, share it with your friends (if you have any) and smash that sub button lmao.

thanks in advance baby

Earthbound stream?

2016-10-10 13:40:24 by FGIJonC

I'll be streaming in about a half hour for those interested. I'll be playing Earthbound first then i may move onto Super Mario world one-life runs.



Oh boy another stream

2016-10-03 14:15:18 by FGIJonC

Hey everyone, I'll be streaming for a few hours starting at around 2:30PM EST! I'll be streaming some Super Mario World and maybe a horror game later?


Come say whats up to dat boi.




2016-10-02 14:23:51 by FGIJonC

Yo! I'm streaming some Super Mario World one-life runs! Maybe some horror later?

Here's the link (right @cyberdevil , haha) :



Streaming??? Me??

2016-09-25 13:27:11 by FGIJonC

Hey everyone! In about an hour or so, I'll be streaming! What will I be streaming? Videos games and maybe some art practice. Haven't 100% decided on that yet.

As far as what games? Well, probably Super Mario World. But with a twist! A self-imposed "hardcore" mode, meaning one life, limited powerups, no Yoshi and no exclamation blocks! The furthest I've made it so far is the first Ghost House in World 3.


Come say hi and watch me play like shit!


Oh and stay tuned for art-related stuff I have planned in the future!




thanks to @cyberdevil for bring this to my attention, i never put the link in here like an idiot! HERE YA GOOO


2016-09-22 00:52:56 by FGIJonC

Oh boy, oh boy. I hope I'm able to set aside a couple hours and watch Madness toons. maybe I'll draw some up madness-inspired art.


Happy Madness day everyone. Can't wait for that Project Nexus 2!

Drawing on Twitch!

2016-09-11 20:46:11 by FGIJonC

Hey everyone, I'm doing some practice on Twitch! Makes me nervous as well because I feel like I'm not "good enough" in any capacity.


Anyway, if you wanna come say hi, maybe enjoy some fo the good, old/new-ish, bad tunes I'm listening to, come on in. Unfortunately no lewdness, you'll have to check out our boy Shad for that ;)



Streaming art and other stuff

2016-09-05 02:29:17 by FGIJonC

I stream games somewhat, but i want to stream some art and other creative stuff as well.


I feel my art isn't super great, so would people be interested in seeing me practice? Also, I think it'd be neat to stsream some writing as well, but i dont see how that would keep people interested as art-related stuff might.